About us

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Hi, my name is Jakub Marian. I am a 35-year-old linguist (I published 7 books for language learners), cartographer (you may have seen some of my 200+ maps), and artificial intelligence engineer (I worked as a data science lead in a bank and later as a lead analyst in the energy sector).

I quit the analytical job about a year ago to pursue my dream of building an app for people who, just like me, want to improve their language skills while reading something actually useful and engaging (which also turns out to be a much more efficient way than traditional courses).

While artificial intelligence helps me tremendously with almost every aspect of this app, there will always be a huge amount of human input needed to assure the quality that you as a customer deserve. If you like the direction this app is going, please consider helping by becoming a paid member using the link below.

I promise you that I will be working full-time on improving this app and will try to answer all your questions in the forum. There are currently two other people working (part-time) on this app: my wife Alice (who has a master's degree in translation) and my cousin Adela (image generation, testing, accounting).